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Are you half way through a job and need some help? We can either come and finish it for you or offer some helpful hints so you can finish it yourself. You will be quoted the time to assemble the item by one of our staff as a guideline, but charged for the time taken. Often this is less, because you have unpacked it and made a start.

Several manufacturers sell a plinth and cornice option on a lot of their ranges. This is a cosmetic enhancement. It is a nice up sell for them, which adds a lot of work to the finished product. This can add 1-2 hours to the job and increase the overall assembly time by up to 50%!

WeDo Flatpack DO NOT remove waste packaging.

Unfortunately any modification to furniture will invalidate the manufacturer's or retailer's warranty. You will find that the required modification, is likely to weaken the structure of the item. WeDo FlatPack's opinion is that any modification is ill advised and against our company policy.

We will inspect the parts before and during assembly, and we will draw your attention to any damage as soon as it comes to light. A decision can then be made as to how to proceed. In the unlikely event that we damage your furniture we will ensure we rectify or replace the damage to your satisfaction.

The minimum call out fee for We-Do Flat Pack is currently £40.

You will normally need a flat area such as the floor that is the size of the finished furniture laid on its back plus a working area of at least 600mm (2 ft) around the item. The area should be as close as possible to the final position of the finished item.

Larger pieces of furniture like cupboards and chests may not withstand being dragged over carpets. It is a good idea to cover the area with a sheet or cardboard to prevent scratching.

For High Wardrobes, please accurately measure the ceiling height. It is easy to hold the tape measure at an angle and get a false reading. Also take into account skirting boards as these do affect the total width of a room.

The time to build your furniture will depend on how complicated it is. So a small item such as a three-drawer desk pedestal can take much longer than a large wardrobe.

WeDo Flat Pack assemblers carry limited small spares and we will do everything we can to overcome this situation to ensure your furniture can be built. However some omissions may prevent completion of the job, in such circumstances we will return to complete the job once the missing parts have been received.

In the unlikely event that this occurs, please contact us and we will endeavour to put the problem right. We have a good reputation to maintain and want you to think highly of us.

How we assemble our flatpacks

Here is a small sample of our clients feedback

Very efficient,pleasant service. Would recommend.

- Ms Hughan , Macclesfield

Chest of Drawers came with one handle damaged on delivery, looks great now together. Will use you again!

- Ms Sedgewick , Nottingham

Excellent service,very professional - arrived early! Very patient & very friendly; took trouble to explain all the steps and ask client opinions all the way through. Would recommend and would be happy to use again, many thanks.

- Ms Baker, Leicester

Very good. Work great. Defo recommend them. Will have them back again!

- Mrs Roberts , Abergele

Reliable & friendly. Fantastic work cannot fault it. Highly recommend it.

- Beth, Swansea

Adam was very friendly and very good. He tried to fix the issue and spent longer than I thought he would doing so. Very happy with this service so thank you

- Miss Slater, Surrey

It was such a pleasure to welcome WeDo Flatpack into our home. They arrived when promised and paid great care and attention to the job in hand. Our flatpack shelving units were assembled without fuss and looked exactly like the picture on the box with no extra screws left over (which is always a good sign!) I would not hesitate in recommending this service.

- Naomi,Greater Manchester

WeDo Flatpack came and built my wardrobes and chest of drawers. They arrived on time and built the furniture without fuss and very efficiently. I was very pleased with the result. I have recommended them to friends and family and will definitely use them again.

- Robin, Lancashire

Brilliant service and much appreciated. WeDo Flatpack were courteous and efficient. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

- Ceri, Merseyside

Very professional job, very happy with the work carried out.

- Mrs Rowling , Cheshire

Excellent & very friendly service.

- Mr Stephan, Cambridge

Very pleased with Graham. Very helpful and did a great job. Would recommend your service anytime.

- Mrs Hurst, Liverpool

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